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James K. Chang
President, GKE Foundation


Mr. James K. Chang is Founder/CEO of the COMWEB Technology Group and Founder/CEO of GKE (Global Knowledge Exchange). He has more than 25 years experience in the start-up of technology-based ventures. In his current role, James Chang is responsible for the overall design and marketing of technology-based learning systems and is a pioneer in US and international educational technology implementation and strategies. He works personally with selected major educational institutions around the world. He is engaged in assisting China’s power industry in the development of its Corporate University and Learning Support System. He is involved in many distance learning programs around the world including the scheduled opening of a GKE Shanghai Learning Center to augment GKE’s Beijing offices. He is the Co-founder of GKE Beijing, LearningDigital in Taiwan, and Schoolpia.net in Korea. He is a Board of Trustees member of CODE, a consortium of over 30, Eastern United States, higher education institutions.

James Chang pioneered COMWEB’s “KnowledgeWEB” system. He is actively involved in multimedia classroom design projects in educational institutions around the world. Today there is an installed base of more than 3,000 COMWEB technology-based classrooms around the world. As CEO of COMWEB and GKE, James is involved in “re-engineering school” projects around the world. He has created a best-in-practice Learning Technology Architect Team (TAG) and a world class caliber team of GKE Expert Consultants that has been actively serving the education community in re-engineering schools and corporate training for 21st Century lifelong learning environments. James Chang is a frequently sought, national and international speaker on the subject of how to plan, design, and reengineer the classroom and school for the 21st Century as well as international educational strategies.

James Chang created GKE to provide innovative consulting, coordinated services, and powerful, strategic alliance capabilities to international, education technology ventures. GKE is both a company and an alliance. As Founder/CEO of GKE, James is responsible for developing strategic relationships with partners around the world and for shaping GKE’s international corporate vision. Joint ventures include GKE/USA, GKE/Taiwan, GKE/Korea and GKE/China. GKE is rapidly developing into a Gateway to the Pacific Rim for the US “learning industry.” James’ educational vision includes a comprehensive “knowledge management and learning system, think-tank level consulting and international educational services alliances for the 21st Century. To assist that visionary, international goal, James has created the GKE Foundation, and he serves as the GKE Foundation’s President of the Board.

Co-Founder and Director of DSET Corporation (1988 ~ 1993)
James co-founded and was Director of DSET Corporation (Distributed Software Engineering Tools), the developer of a suite of object-oriented CASE tools and a pioneering company in the new Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) industry. DSET works for many of the leading telephone companies in the world and, to date, has completed 100+ large-scale projects. DSET is headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey, with branch offices in Texas and California. In 1996 DSET was voted "Best Private Company of the Year" by the New Jersey Technology Council and, in March 1998, became a NASDAQ public company. During the year 2000, DSET was ranked as one of the top 100 emerging high-tech companies by Business Week, and it has become a leading e-business for the telecommunications industry.

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