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GKE China

China's embrace of the GKE Program has led GKE China to innovative leadership on the Pacific Rim. Through joint ventures, GKE is maintaining a leadership role in the development of educational technology content and campus delivery systems among corporations and universities. Additionally, GKE is at the forefront of modernizing elementary education through a unique partneship with the Allied Elementary School of Peking University.

GKE has two offices in China. Beijing I's primary focus is delivering educational technology to university and corporate clients throughout China. Beijing II manages the GKE Innovation Learning Center located on the AESPU campus.

Highlights of GKE Activities in China include:

GKE Beijing I built technology-assisted learning centers in training centers and universities run by China's National Electricity Council.

The founder and President of GKE, James Chang, along with an elite team of U.S. educators journeyed to Beijing in July, 2000 to present the GKE-sponsored Global Schools 21 Project at the 21st Century Modern Education Technology and Future Schooling Conference, one of China's largest education conferences. GKE facilitation permitted Florence McGinn, a former United States Commissioner on the Congressional Commission on Web-based Education, to speak in Beijing on American technology-assisted learning and policy.

Innovative distance learning strategies and GKE facilitation have enabled professional Beijing poet and professor, Ke Yan, to interact with American high school students and for American high school students to publish Asian peers and writers in an on-line literary magazine.

A multidisciplinary, international initiative linked American and Chinese students from HCRHS in New Jersey to Dianye Middle School in Beijing in areas of English literature, Science, and Chinese language studies

Provided in 2002 televised commentary of GKE Vice President and Former National Teacher of the Year Florence McGinn for educational program produced by the Shanghai Distance Education group

Centrix, a software company co-found by GKE CEO James Chang, published Electronic Velocity, an interactive, multimedia teacher's resource based on the award-winning pedagogies and project models developed by GKE Vice President and Former National Teacher of the Year Florence McGinn

Aligned innovative student learning models on GKE Innovation Cafe to the National Primary School English Textbook published by Tsinghua University

GKE Vice President and Former National Teacher of the Year Florence McGinn and GKE Education Research Associate Neela Mookerjee, supported by an international GKE team, travelled to Beijing in 2003 to begin training of catalyst teachers in the GKE Innovative Learning System at AESPU.

China is a powerful focus for GKE. Innovative, international projects and initiatives in China have received national and international recognition.

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